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Kopenhagen Coffee

Vesterbro Blend

Vesterbro Blend

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The Vesterbro Blend encapsulates a full-bodied and well-balanced palate. With the acidity of citrusy orange and flavours of creamy macadamia nut, this blend is a great introduction to quality coffee with a more familiar and comfortable palate. 

Whether you prefer your coffee black, or with milk, the Vesterbro Blend shines in any preparation. Its versatility and remarkable taste make it a favorite among coffee enthusiasts and a perfect introductory option for those eager to explore the world of specialty coffee.

Roasters Kopenhagen Coffee
Bean Composition - 70% Brazil Bossa Nova
- 30% Ethiopia Limu G2
Processing - Bossa Nova: Natural 
- Limu G2: Washed 
Variety - Bossa Nova: Yellow Bourbon 
- Limu G2: Heirloom
- Bossa Nova: 1200 Masl
- Limu G2: 1700/1900 Masl 
Roast Medium
Tasting Notes Strone Fruit, Orange Citrus & Macadamia Nut 
Suitable  Espresso 


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