Our vision.

To inspire people to make kind and considered choices.

Our mission.

The ambition that that drives Kopenhagen Coffee is to nurture and nourish mind, body and soul by ensuring our every action causes no unnecessary harm to our planet and her people, and to create a positive impact in every step of our value chain.

Our concept.


We are inspired by our Scandinavian heritage and the lifestyle in Copenhagen, where the fast- paced environment meets an easy way of living. Our minimalist surroundings combined with carefully sourced products and attention to detail provides you with a typically Scandinavian ambience in the midst of busy Kuala

Our Responsibility.

One of the core values of Kopenhagen Coffee is the maintenance of sustainable business practices. We take inspiration from the Nordic Food Manifesto, led by world famous restaurants and chefs. It espouses a belief in local, seasonal produce, self-sustaining production models as well as the protection of animal welfare.

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