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Kopenhagen Coffee

Nørrebro Espresso

Nørrebro Espresso

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Kopenhagen Coffee's original espresso house blend - our pride and joy. This blend harmoniously combines the robust maltiness reminiscent of black tea with the luscious notes of tangerine and stonefruit. The result is a remarkably versatile coffee that can be savored hot or cold, black or white. 

Roasters Kopenhagen Coffee
Bean Composition - 40% Brazil Bossa Nova
- 40% Ethiopia Limu G2
- 20% El Salvador Cruz Groda
Processing - Bossa Nova: Natural
- Ethiopia Limu G2: Washed
- El Salvador Cruz Groda: Natural
Variety - Bossa Nova: Yellow Bourbon
- Ethiopia Limu G2: Heirloom
- El Salvador Cruz Groda: Bourbon Pacas
- Bossa Nova: 1200 Masl
- Limu G2: 1700/1900 Masl 
- El Salvador Cruz Groda: 1500 Masl
Roast Medium
Tasting Notes Orange, Caramel, Floral Black Tea, Cookie Dough
Suitable  Espresso 


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