About Us

This is our mission.

The ambition that drives Kopenhagen Coffee​ is to provide nourishing food and an exceptional coffee experience in a manner that educates​ and supports our customers’ lifestyle.

We are inspired by our Scandinavian heritage and the lifestyle in Copenhagen, where the fast-paced environment meets an easy way of living.

Our minimalist surroundings combined with carefully sourced products and attention to detail provides you with a typically Scandinavian ambience in the midst of busy Kuala Lumpur.


This is our concept.


We bring you authentic little pockets of hygge by combining the design heritage, flavours, coffee expertise and easy sophistication of Copenhagen.


This is our responsibility.

One of the core values of Kopenhagen Coffee is the maintenance of sustainable business practices.

We take inspiration from the manifesto of the Nordic Food Movement, led by world famous restaurants and chefs.​ It espouses a belief in local, seasonal produce, self-sustaining production models as well as the protection of animal welfare.

We continuously look for opportunities to positively impact our wider community and the environment. ​Below are a few of the initiatives that we have set in motion:​ ​

Our coffee is sourced through Project Origin, a project that goes beyond the stability of fair trade and ensures that farmers and cultivators of the coffee bean are not only paid directly but in most cases are paid more than the average price for the A-grade beans they produce.

All of our products are sourced with care and deliberation and wherever possible, are bought from suppliers within the local community. This is not only kinder to the environment but also ensures that our customers are being served the freshest produce possible.

We have adopted several measures to reduce single-use plastic such as disallowing the use of plastic straws and cups in all our cafes. The majority of our take-away supplies are also plastic-free. As further incentive, we offer a 10% discount to customers who bring their own take-away cups and containers.

All Kopenhagen cafes encourage a “reuse” policy for take-away trays. We advise you to keep them in good condition and upon returning them, we will deduct 0.20 cents per tray from your total bill, which is the exact price we pay for them.

Reducing our carbon footprint can be done through our dietary choices and as such, we have introduced several plant-based breakfast and lunch options. We also serve almond, oat and soy milks as dairy-free alternatives.