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Kopenhagen Coffee

[06] Yirgacheffe Idido

[06] Yirgacheffe Idido

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As more Ethiopian farms and washing stations are being explored, it became increasingly clear that the distinctive Ethiopian aesthetic shares key features such as vibrant colors, multicolored coffee cherries, raised drying beds, and diverse wild coffee trees. The Idido Washing Station boasts bamboo drying beds stacked high and covered with plastic, mesh, and wire to support the drying beans. As workers hand-sort and turn the coffee, they are surrounded by hand-woven baskets scattered throughout the area. During the harvest season from October to February, groups of 10-20 workers from the local town respond to the call for work and join in the daily activities.

Roasters Kopenhagen Coffee
Farmers Idido Coorperative 
Processing Washed
Variety Heirloom
2100 - 2200 Masl
Roast Light
Tasting Notes White Tea, Cacao Nibs & Tangy Lemon
Suitable  Filter 

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